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The movie experience is one that captivates all of us. Yet, behind the glitz and glamour are stories of people just like you! Be part of it as we think outside the box office and explore the deeper truths in our favorite movies. Don’t miss At The Movies*.

* Due to the copyrighted material used in the message, we can’t post this series online. However, the messages will be re-edited without the copyrighted material and will be posted after October 29, 2017.
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Many people will flock to the popular summer destinations—Disney World, Ocean City, Outer Banks, and more. But sometimes it’s when you go off the beaten path that the best memories are made. A tour through the bible can be the same way. As important as the main roads are, this summer we’re going off the beaten path to find some hidden jewels.

Off the Beaten Path - Benaiah-Running Down Cats in the Snow

9-10-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Off the Beaten Path - Deborah & Jael-When It's Your Turn to Drive

9-3-2017 - Luke Erickson

Off the Beaten Path - Zephaniah-When the Best Turn is a U-Turn

8-27-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Off the Beaten Path - Micaiah ben Imlah-The Road Less Traveled

8-20-2017 - Nathan McDade

Off the Beaten Path - Habakkuk-When the Road is Rough

8-13-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Off the Beaten Path - Josiah-Dusting Off Your Map

8-6-2017 - Rob Kastens

Off The Beaten Path - Shiphrah & Puah-The Journey Begins Here

7-30-2017 - Luke Erickson
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For life to work right, relationships need to work right. It’s the way God made us. And because God has gone to extraordinary lengths to relate to us, we have potential to build incredible relationships with one another. Gaining God’s perspective in this series will teach us to be “relatable,” giving us greater purpose in our relationships, bringing peace in the midst of conflict, and helping us restore relationships that seem broken beyond repair.

Relatable - Peace

7-22-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Relatable - Lets Be Friends

7-16-2017 - Rob & Kelly Kastens

Relatable - Keep It Together

7-9-2017 - Nathan McDade

Relatable - Treat Yourself

07-2-2017 - Luke Erickson

Relatable - Start Here

6-25-2017 - Jared Fox
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Maybe you’ve heard the story about a guy who ran from God only to get thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish. But he’s not the only one who goes overboard in this story. It is over the top, but it leaves us all with a choice to make about whether to run toward or away from the God who is overboard in his love for all people.

Overboard - When God Goes Overboard

6-18-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Overboard - Praying in the Dark

6-11-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

Overboard - Why Running From God Is a Bad Idea

6-4-2017 | Ben Cachiaras
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It’s easy to think that Jesus calls us to go on a spiritual journey. He does, of course. But what do our physical bodies have to do with that? Are they a nuisance holding us back from the spiritual destinations we seek? Or are our bodies critical vehicles to carry us down the road where Jesus calls? One thing’s for sure: we only got one body. And what we do with it is up to us. Let’s discover how Every Body Matters.

#EveryBodyMatters - Connect

5-28-2017 | Nathan McDade

#EveryBodyMatters - Move

5-21-2017 | Ben Cachiaras

#EveryBodyMatters - Think

5/14/2017 | Luke Erickson

#EveryBodyMatters - Sleep

5/7/2017 | Rob Kastens

#EveryBodyMatters - Eat

4/30/17 | Ben Cachiaras
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Albert is the founding pastor of Fellowship Monrovia — one of the fastest-growing multiethnic churches in the United States. Blending the power of storytelling with his own good sense of humor, Albert enjoys illustrating God’s amazing grace and love in church, academic, and conference settings. Albert also serves on the Board of Trustees at Azusa Pacific University and the Fuller Youth Institute. He was recently published in Letters to a Birmingham Jail: A Response to the Words and Dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Albert Tate

4/25/17 | Albert Tate
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He is history’s most fascinating figure. He is famous, but many don’t really know him. His immense impact on the world didn’t happen by accident. From the Dark Ages to the present day, he’s the man who won’t go away and can’t be ignored. Yet he never wielded a weapon, wrote a book, or held an office. How can that be? He is … The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet.

The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet - The Man Who Won’t Go Away

3/19/17 | Ben Cachiaras

The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet - A Man For All People

3/26/17 | Nathan McDade

The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet - Escape Artist

4/02/17 | Ben Cachiaras

The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet - The Carpenter And His Crew

4/09/17 | Luke Erickson

The Most Fascinating Guy on the Planet - Easter

4/16/17 | Ben Cachiaras
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Have you ever just wondered about stuff? ...about God? ...about faith? Do you have questions that you you’re not sure it's even ok to ask? Surely we all do. So let’s ask them. Maybe you've got a deep question about God. Or something real practical about how to live. Or there's something about the bible you don't understand. What do you really want to know? Join us for You Asked for It, and let’s seek the answers together.

You Asked For It - 1

02-12-2017 - Ben Cachiaras

You Asked For It - 2

2/19/17 | Ben Cachiaras

You Asked For It - 3

2/26/17 | Ben Cachiaras

You Asked For It - 4

3/5/17 | Luke Erickson

You Asked For It - 5

3/12/17 | Ben Cachiaras
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Chances are you’ve heard of musician, thought leader, blogger and communicator Carlos Whittaker and just didn’t realize it. Maybe you know him because of a certain Beyonce “Single Ladies” viral video that received a People’s Choice Award or from his segment on TLC’s “LA Ink”, leading worship for the President Of The United States at the White House, or maybe it was through his popular blog – Ragamuffin Soul. Whatever the outlet, one thing’s for certain – Carlos Whittaker knows how to make big moments in his life.

Moment Maker

2-5-2017 - Carlos Whittaker
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You could define yourself by your success or mistakes, resume or relationships, by what you have or what others say about you. But all of that merely amounts to a fake ID. None of those things can tell us our true identity, potential, value, or purpose. Join us for this new series, Fake ID, and find out how God wants to define your life, shape your calling, and craft your purpose.

Fake ID - Abram’s Fake ID: Dream God-sized Dreams

1/1/17 | Luke Erickson

Fake ID - Peter’s Fake ID

1/8/17 | Luke Erickson

Fake ID - Mara’s Fake ID: From Bitter to Better

1/15/17 | Ben Cachiaras

Fake ID - Saul’s Fake ID: I Got Saved. Now What?

1/22/17 | Nathan McDade

Fake ID - Joses Fake ID: What Are You Known For?

1/29/17 | Ben Cachiaras
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Going “Home for Christmas” just sounds right to many of us. Yet, some of us will be stuck far away, longing to be home. Others will be stuck in a stressful home, wishing they could get away. Some will grieve over those who aren’t home for Christmas this year. And for many, “Home” will be a source of joy, warmth, and rich memories. No matter where you find yourself, Jesus invites you to find a home in his presence during this Christmas season.

Home For Christmas - Open Homes

12/4/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Home for Christmas - Broken Homes

12/11/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Home For Christmas - Homemaker

12/19/2016 - Luke Erickson

Home For Christmas - Coming Home

12/23/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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We’re convinced of this: God’s love has been unleashed on the whole planet. And God does amazing things with people who are willing to let His love flow through them and make an impact here, there, and everywhere. Let’s celebrate the local and global impact God has made through Mountain and find our place in God’s “Glocal” mission.

Love Unleashed

11/27/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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"Thanks." It is the most basic of expressions. At times it’s the only thing there is to say. And sometimes it’s the most profound and powerful thing that can be said. So, whether in times of joy or seasons of pain, as Turkey Day approaches let’s learn to express gratitude to the God who has so freely given his grace to us.


11/20/16 | Nathan McDade
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Unleash Love is about letting loose more prayer, more power, more ministry, and more generosity than we ever have. It has the power to change our church and community. And it will change you too as you allow the incredible love of God to flow through you and deepen your dependence on Him, strengthen your faith, expand your generosity, and increase your impact.

Unleash Love

10/9/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Unleash Love - Like a River Running Wild

10/17/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Unleash Love - Like an Elephant on the Loose

10/23/16 | Luke Erickson

Unleash Love - Like a Dog Off the Chain

10/30/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Unleash Love - Like a Horse out of the Gate

11/6/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Unleash Love - Like a Church Unhindered

11/13/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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If God had a fraternity, what would it look like? Would it just be for prudes and choirboys? Or would it be a place for all people to belong, party together, discover their purpose, and live life to the full? Kappa, Delta, Pi might be Greek to you, but those Greek letters provide a key to understanding what life with Jesus is all about. Come, bring your friends, and hang out at God’s Frat Party.

God's Frat Party

9/11/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God's Frat Party - Kappa

9/18/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God's Frat Party - Delta

9/25/16 | Nathan McDade

God's Frat Party - Pi

10/2/16 | Luke Erickson
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In our high-tech, low-touch world we often find ourselves out of touch with each other and God. But touch heals. It reassures. It restores. As the story of Jesus unfolds, everywhere he went people wanted to touch him. Jesus responded with hands that reached in all directions to heal, bless, and forgive. And those hands are still reaching toward those in need of his touch.


9/4/16 | Tom Moen
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Few things attract more attention in our world today than the tensions between people of differing skin colors. In a country aflame with the fallout from the racial divide—the latest news story creating even deeper wounds―is there hope for honest and healing conversation? Can we ever understand each other on issues that are ultimately about so much more than black and white? We’ll ask ourselves these questions and more, getting real about race and searching for answers that lie deep under our skin.

If God’s Kingdom is not segregated, why is the local church?

8/7/16 | Luke Erickson

Under Our Skin - Can the racial divide be healed?

8/15/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Under Our Skin - Why are we so comfortable with our own kind?

8/21/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Under Our Skin - So what do we do now?

8/28/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Over-scheduled. Sound familiar? A fast-paced life can consume and control us and often becomes the norm. We do things that keep us busy but don’t really matter, sacrificing the things that do. What if your life could be different? What if you could be certain you were living the life God called you to live and building a legacy for those you love? You can—if you’re ready to Simplify.

Simplify - Unclutter Your Soul

7/3/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Simplify - Streamline Your Schedule

7/10/16 | Nathan McDade

Simplify - Spend Wisely

7/17/16 | Luke Erickson

Simplify - Strengthen Your Relationships

7/25/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Simplify - Fully Surrender

7/31/16 | Luke Erickson
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3 Chairs

6/26/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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Mullets. Slinkies. Beanie Babies. Parachute pants. Remember those phases? It doesn’t really matter if you missed those phases. But life is made up of phases, too. Wherever you are in life, it’s a season. And God has plans for you in this stage. Don’t miss it.

It's Just a Phase - Motherhood

5/07/16 | Nathan McDade

It's Just a Phase - Finishing Well

5/15/16 | Ben Cachiaras

It's Just a Phase - Early Childhood

5/23/16 | Ben Cachiaras

It's Just a Phase - Young Adulthood

5/29/16 | Nathan McDade

It's Just a Phase - Adolescence

6/05/16 | Ethan Magness

It's Just a Phase - Halftime (Middle age)

6/12/16 | Ben Cachiaras

It's Just a Phase - Fatherhood

6/18/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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The most amazing thing about God’s love is that it’s not just a bunch of rules or stuff we have to agree with. God’s love is different. It changes things. It’s active. It works. It risks. It invites. It sacrifices. Love…does. Imagine what God could do with a whole bunch of people who knew that love takes action?

Love Does - Easter

3/26/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Love Does - Show Up

4/02/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Love Does - Free To Fail

4/10/16 | Nathan McDade

Love Does - Audacious Love

4/17/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Love Does - Be Not Afraid

4/24/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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Who knew that following Jesus would lead us uphill? In the weeks before Easter we will walk, putting one foot in front of the other, following in the footsteps of Jesus. It will be a climb that takes us to the Upper Room where we invest in friendships around the table, to Gethsemane where we surrender our will to God's, and finally to Golgotha where we face the call to lay down our lives in service to others. This is uphill faith. Are you ready to follow all the way?

Uphill - Following Jesus to Gethsemane

3/13/16 | Ben Cachiaras

Uphill - Following Jesus To The Upper Room

3/6/16 | Rob Kastens

Uphill - Following Jesus to Golgotha

3/20/16 | Nathan McDade
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Some of us have it all figured out. Our lives are neat and tidy. Or so we think. And if that’s you, then read no further.

But for the rest of us—the unfit and misfit, the least, lost, or left out, the addicted and the dysfunctional, even those turned off by church—is there still hope for us? Does God only care about those who’ve got it together? Or might he be a God for the rest of us?

God For The Rest Of Us - Broken

1/18/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God For The Rest Of Us - Stuck

1/23/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God For The Rest Of Us - Addicted

1/29/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God For The Rest Of Us - Unlovable

2/7/16 | Guest ~ Vince Antonucci

God For The Rest Of Us - Dysfunctional Families

2/15/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God For The Rest Of Us - Doubters & Skeptics

2/21/16 | Ben Cachiaras

God For The Rest Of Us - Turned Off By The Church

2/28/16 | Ben Cachiaras
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Talking to God can be difficult or intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. These simple prayers will help us approach God in times of need, blessing, or joy and learn how to have an authentic encounter with Him.

Help Thanks Wow

1/10/16 | Ethan Magness
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So what’s the "word"? Yes, just one word. Lose the long list of New Year’s resolutions―all your sweeping promises to change―and do something about ONE thing this year instead of doing nothing about everything.

What one word represents what you most hope God will do in you this year?

What's The Word? 2016

1/3/16 | Jared Fox
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The lights flickering on the tree. The bright wrapping paper beneath it. The festive sweaters that come out once a year. Everywhere we look we see the colors of Christmas. But there’s so much more than lights

Colors of Christmas - Green

12/23/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Colors of Christmas - Blue

12/20/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Colors of Christmas - White

12/13/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Colors of Christmas - Red

12/6/15 | Ethan Magness
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So many Christians live bland lives that blend in rather than stand out. What if your life was meant to be more courageous? What if we dared to stop playing it safe and did whatever God told us to? The world needs to see unashamed, gutsy believers who won’t blend or bend. It’s time to be BOLD!

BOLD - Love

11/1/15 | Ben Cachiaras | Scott Ancarrow

BOLD - Prayer

11/15/15 | Ben Cachiaras

BOLD - Generosity

11/22/15 | Ben Cachiaras

BOLD - Community

11/29/15 | Mark DeYmaz
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There’s a big difference between believing in God and being truly connected to God. Sometimes we feel distant or disconnected spiritually. It’s like we’re stuck, coasting, or asleep. But deep inside each of us are longings for more. We are hungry for meaning. For love. For God. It’s time to let these longings wake us up to the life God has for us. It’s time for an AWAKENING!


9/20/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Longing - "There's Gotta Be More!"

9/27/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Regret - "I Wish I Could Start Over"

10/4/15 | Luke Erickson

Need - "I Can't Do This On My Own."

10/11/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Love - "God Loves Me Deeply After All"

10/18/15 | Ethan Magness

Life - "Now This Is Living."

10/25/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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“You got schooled!” We say that when someone gets beat on the basketball court or learns an important lesson in life. Sometimes it’s embarrassing. But the truth is we all have more to learn. And we need to be ‘schooled’ by someone who knows how to do life right. So sharpen your pencils or open your laptops, it’s time to learn from the Master.

Schooled by the Master

8/23/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Love God

8/30/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Love People

9/6/15 | Nathan McDade

Serve the World

9/13/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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Jesus said so many things that sound crazy on the surface—and upside down and backwards. According to Jesus, the blessed life comes when we are “poor” and “meek.” Fulfillment is found in the saddest and hardest times. And those are just a few of the 8 crazy ways we find the blessed life in the Beatitudes. If you want all that Jesus promises, then ‘bring on the crazy’ this summer.

Crazy Poor

6/31/15 | Luke Erickson

Crazy Sad

7/5/15 | Nathan McDade

Crazy Meek

7/12/15 | Jared Fox

Crazy Hungry

7/19/15 | Ethan Magness

Crazy Merciful

7/26/15 | Luke Erickson

Crazy Pure

8/2/15 | Kirk Bolen

Crazy Peacemakers

8/9/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Crazy Hated

8/16/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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Love handles. We have them, we hide them, or we try to prevent them. But those flaws in our physique are just one more reminder that we’re imperfect people. And the people we have relationships with are the same way. So how do we love the imperfect people around us? How do we get a handle on the many different relationships we have? How can we grab hold of the life God wants for us whether we’re trying to relate to our parents or children, spouses or ex-spouses, friends or those we’re dating? Join us for Love Handles as we try to get a grip on love and life.

Getting a Grip on Motherhood

5/10/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Getting a Grip on Dating and Singleness

5/17/15 | Luke Erickson

Getting a Grip on the Next Generation

5/24/15 | Evan Magness | Lee Magness | Ethan Magness

Getting a Grip on Marriage

5/31/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Getting a Grip on Divorce

6/7/15 | Nathan McDade

Getting a Grip on Friendship

6/14/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Getting a Grip on Fatherhood

6/21/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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Dis-illusioned (Easter 2015)

4/5/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Christians are Exclusive & Judgmental

4/12/15 | Nathan McDade

Christians are Too Political

4/19/15 | Ethan Magness

Christians are Anti-Science

4/26/15 | Luke Erickson

Christians are Anti-Gay

5/10/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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Lord, Teach Us to Pray

2/22/15 | Ben Cachiaras

OUR Father, Holy is your name

3/1/15 | Ben Cachiaras

May your Kingdom Come and your will be Done

3/8/15 | Nathan McDade

Give us today the bread we need

3/15/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Forgive us and Deliver us

3/22/15 | Ben Cachiaras

The Kingdom, power and glory are Yours

3/29/15 | Ethan Magness
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Throwing Down My Worry

1/11/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Holding on to Contentment

1/18/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Exchanging Busyness for Soul Refreshment

1/25/15 | Rob Kastens

Trading Human Indecision for God's Guidance

2/1/15 | Ben Cachiaras

Clinging to God through Life's Darkest Days

2/8/15 | Luke Erickson

Seizing Hope for my Future

2/15/15 | Ben Cachiaras
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What's the Word 2015?

1/4/15 | Nathan McDade
image description

Christmas Vacation

12/7/14 | Ben Cachiaras

A Charlie Brown Christmas

12/14/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Home Alone

12/21/14 | Ethan Magness

Elf - Christmas Eve

12/24/14 | Ben Cachiaras
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Making peace in a world that's falling apart

11/30/14 | David Anderson
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“Life on Mission" offers clear Bible teaching designed to empower to you share your faith with people right in your own neighborhood. People who really matter to God are all around you and God has given you the incredible assignment of inviting them to come home. Life on Mission will inspire and equip you to do that.

Life On Mission

10/19/14 | Luke Erickson


10/26/14 | Ben Cachiaras


11/2/14 | Ben Cachiaras


11/9/14 | Ben Cachiaras
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When it comes to money everybody feels the stretch. We want our dollars to stretch farther, do more. Hands are out toward us wanting something from us, stretching our charity and our patience and our hearts in all directions. God wants to stretch us too. Stretch our hearts. Stretch our impact.

That's a Stretch

9/21/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Pregame Stretch

9/28/14 | Ben Cachiaras

The Impossible Stretch

10/5/14 | Luke Erickson

The Home Stretch

10/12/14 | Ben Cachiaras
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TORN. There are torn pages in books, torn photos in an album, and torn muscles that set us back. Then there are also Torn Dreams. Torn Families. Torn Hearts and Torn Lives. We all know the pain between the life we hoped for and the life we now live. But the torn part of us is not the end of the story. God promises to bring healing and hope to whatever is torn in our lives. The first step is bringing the pieces of our past so God can heal our future. Are you ready?

Torn Life

8/17/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Torn Family

8/24/14 | Nathan McDade

Torn Sexuality

8/31/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Torn Heart

9/7/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Torn from God

9/14/14 | Ethan Magness
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Whatever "It" you're talking about, love changes completely everything about "It." What's love got to do with my job? My family? My sisters and brothers? my kids? My marriage? My community? My in-laws? My school? My serving? My church?

Be More Than Nice

7/20/14 | Ethan Magness

It's Not About You

7/27/14 | Daryl Reed

Remember to forget

8/3/14 | Nathan McDade

Hold On to Love

8/10/14 | Luke Erickson
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"What's in a name?" When it comes to God - everything. With so many crazy ideas about who God is and what God is like, let's listen to what God says about God. But be forewarned: it will totally change what you think about God. And it will change your life.

YHWH: The God Who Is

6/8/14 | Ben Cachiaras


6/15/14 | Ben Cachiaras

YHWH Jireh: The God Who Provides

6/22/14 | Ben Cachiaras

El Shaddai: The God who is all-sufficient

6/29/14 | Ben Cachiaras

El Roi: The God who sees and knows my story

7/6/14 | Nathan McDade

YHWH Rapha: The God who Heals

7/13/14 | Luke Erickson
image description
We're all trying to keep the wheel of our life rolling along. Some of us are moving smoothly, while others are dealing with a slow leak, too much pressure, or a blowout that leaves us stranded. Life is more than a joy ride, so let's think seriously about where God's calling us to go and how we're going to get there.

Spoke and Hub

6/1/14 | Ben Cachiaras
image description
“The greatest story ever told” is more than a cliché. It’s a story of a God who goes to heroic lengths to seek out the lost, heal the broken, reinstate the rebellious, and buy back those who have sold themselves to lesser pursuits in life. That is what The Story is all about. It’s the story of the Bible, God's great love affair with humanity, and it’s filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption; and, believe it or not, this story's TRUE!

EPIC Adventure: The Story Begins

9/15/13 | Ben Cachiaras


9/22/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 1


9/29/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 2


10/6/13 | Rob Kasters
The Story - Part 3


10/13/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 4

New Commands and a New Covenant

10/20/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 5


10/27/13 | Ethan Magness
The Story - Part 6

The Battle Begins

11/3/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 7

A Few Good Men...And Women

11/10/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 8

The Faith of a Foreign Woman

11/17/13 | Gene Appel
The Story - Part 9

Standing Tall, Falling Hard

12/1/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 10

From Shepherd to King

12/8/13 | Luke Erickson
The Story - Part 11

The Trials of a King

12/15/13 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 12

The King Who Had It All

1/5/14 | Rob Kastens
The Story - Part 13

A Kingdom Torn in Two

1/12/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 14

God's Messengers

1/19/14 | Luke Erickson
The Story - Part 15

The Beginning of the End

1/26/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 16

The Kingdoms' Fall

2/2/14 | Nathan McDade
The Story - Part 17

Daniel in Exile

2/9/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 18

The Return Home

2/16/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 19

The Queen of Beauty and Courage

2/23/14 | Ethan Magness
The Story - Part 20

Rebuilding the Walls

3/2/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 21

God Goes Silent

3/9/14 | Jordan & Jessica Rice

The Birth of a King

3/16/14 | Nathan Magness
The Story - Part 22

Jesus' Ministry Begins

3/23/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 23

No Ordinary Man

3/30/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 24

Jesus, the Son of God

4/6/14 | Greg Nettle
The Story - Part 25

The Hour of Darkness

4/13/14 | Luke Erickson
The Story - Part 26

New Beginnings

4/27/14 | Ethan Magness
The Story - Part 28

Paul's Mission

5/4/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 29

Paul's Final Days

5/11/14 | Ben Cachiaras
The Story - Part 30

The End of Time

5/18/14 | Luke Erickson
The Story - Part 31

New Testament Recap

5/25/14 | Ben Cachiaras
image description
Image Isn't Everything - Because there's more to our story than meets the eye.

This is a test title

This is the speaker

Image Isn't Everything

4/20/14 | Ben Cachiaras